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Boračko Lake – Natural oasis in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Boracko lake

Boračko Lake is a natural mountainous and glacial lake in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Situated in the northeastern foothills of Mount Prenj at an altitude of 397 meters, it is surrounded by the steep and wooded peaks of Crna Gora (1,343 m) to the west and Tranjine (1,055 m) to the east. The lake basin was formed in the Boračka Valley through the process of glacial erosion.

The lake has an elliptical shape, measuring 786 meters in length and 402 meters in width. Its surface area is 0.26 km2, with a lakeshore length of 2.4 km. The deepest part of the lake is in the southeast (around 17 meters), containing approximately 2.5 million m3 of water.

Due to its crystal-clear, emerald-green color, the water is transparent to a depth of 8.3 meters. The temperature of the water peaks at around 25 °C in August and drops to its coldest at 0 °C in February.

Boračko Lake – Natural oasis

This Lake is fed by Borački Creek and numerous surrounding sources, some of which are located at the lake’s bottom. The lake’s outflow is Šištica, which, after a short course through a 6 km-long canyon with a depth of 60 meters, cascades down a 30-meter waterfall into the Neretva River.

Known for its trout and crayfish, Boračko Lake has become a popular destination for residents of Konjic, Sarajevo, and Mostar, with its proximity of 20 km connected by an asphalt road. Nearby hotels and motels provide accommodations, making Boračko Lake a beloved retreat for locals and visitors alike.

Watch the video that shows the road from Konjic to Boracko lake